Customer Testimonials


Mike H.

I am a collector of dragons, and by far, the most beautiful in my collection is the dragon window that Monica made for me. Many people will recognize "Smaug" -- the last dragon of Middle Earth -- from J.R. Tolkien's, "The Hobbit." I think the window is an amazing piece and I love how it illuminates my home with dragon fire. Perfect for when my friends and I get together to play old-school Dungeons & Dragons. Everybody comments how nice it looks. I couldn't be happier with my window. Thank you, Monica!


Love Monica's work!  I had thirteen windows done by Monica.  When I entertain, I get so many compliments on the windows.  

I remember when I had a home appraiser come to the house, he was kind of gruff and all about doing his business going through each room.  When he hit the master bedroom he stopped and said the windows were the most stunning thing he'd seen in a long time.  The way the afternoon light hits the windows and then splashes the colors all over the room is so beautiful.  Monica is amazing--and very reasonable.  I was so lucky to find her.

Charlene P.

Monica at MD Stained Glass did two different jobs for me.  The first one was repairing an old stained glass window that I had just about given up on before discovering Monica.  She repaired it so superbly that all I had to do was re-paint the frame and it looked like new.    It was amazing!

A couple of months later I commissioned  a 3' x 5' stained glass window of a grouping of West African tribal masks with a background of colorful ethnic fabrics.  I loved the designs but was unsure how to have them executed in stained glass.  She had very creative ideas on how to effectively show the tribal designs while accentuating the beauty of the stained glass.

I highly recommend MD Stained Glass for repairs and original designs.


Mónica's stained glass pieces are all one-of-a kind. She carefully  picks the type and color of each glass to make the final piece special. I've bought from her several pieces, vases, a decorated mirror, ear rings, wind chimes, 1st. Communion souvenirs, and other beautiful pieces and I love each one of them! I highly recommend you take a look at her website and check out her work, you'll be fascinated by her style and quality!

Pam J.

I saw one of Monica's stained glass windows at a friend's home and fell in love with the rich colors and innovative designs.  I asked her for some ideas for a long window next to my front door that would not allow people to see inside while they come to my door.  She came up with several really interesting ones and I finally decided on one of hanging Fuchsia flowers that I absolutely love.  The colors and designs are so vivid that I feel as though I can reach out and touch and smell them.  I have gotten so many compliments on this gorgeous window.  She is so creative and very reasonable.

Zack N.

Monica is a true professional. Her attention to detail and creative mindset allows her to create beautiful pieces of art. I asked her to draft up a sport related piece and she exceeded my expectations. From customer service to creating the piece you always wanted, you can never go wrong with MD Stained Glass. Highly recommended!